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Free Yoga Classes

Yoga, the ancient keep fit system of India, helps an individual - whatever age or sex - to live a healthier brisk life. 

To overcome the present day's sedentary lifestyle, yoga comes handy. Hit by obesity, most ladies look out for yoga classes to reduce weight. Mostly the white collared professionals get trapped in this obesity trap, which later on invites all related sicknesses like diabetes, blood pressure, stress related diseases, indigestion, heartburn and the list is ever ending.

Yoga is the one shot solution to whatever ailment you point to. On the other side, a regular yoga practitioner will be agile, and can be sharp at providing solutions, and, taking up challenges too, which is the most looked-up quality of employment or to go places bye-passing the peers / competition.

The Trust is conducting free yoga classes at Nanganallur for ladies and children.

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